The Next Nixon Mission (for Legal Nurse Consulting)

This campain is not running for the next presidential election. Welcome to the Next Nixon Mission for Legal Nurse Consulting.

On, you will find affiliate links which do not increase the cost of the product or service. I only recommend products I have personally researched and tried.

This nurse is proud to announce an awareness campaign to enlighten nurses and attorneys about Legal Nurse Consulting. Please view the video below, and welcome discussion thread. Do you have Legal Nurse Consulting stories to share? Have you thought about building your own business, starting a company or rebranding your current theme?

Presented in fellowship, welcome to Legal Nurse Consulting Affiliate showcase. Beyond the Bedside! It is an honor to introduce Your speaker, Elle Pierson, RN, MBA, CPXP.

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Thank you & Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

ps HAPPY Memorial Day!!