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Today is the day! Yes, I rejoice about this Tuesday and am very glad in it. Today I am glad to say to you: Happy National Nurse Week! Day # 2 kicks off A celebration that is dedicated to psych oversight clinicians. While this is a sub-niche of nursing, it also encompasses every ancillary discipline which makes the emotional health and well being overall within communities possible. Both specific and broad, and very important with a shift of stigma infiltrating the humans suffering psych distress.

It helps people in the least restrictive way possible.

Still, this makes mental wellness an extremely important subject. More so with a recent paradigm shift.

Once upon a time, people were asylumned for being at any end of extreme, including suspicion of witchy-ness.

Imagine the depth of mental health, acute and chronic illness within the world. If a lady had too many children, anxiety or a crutch. Now it has shifted to an area where good knowledge and action are needed to prevent overswing of this pendulum in mental and emotional health care.

Please learn more and contribute to the emergent disaster preparedness thread with this link.

Happy National Nurse Week!

In particular, a big thank you for the medical professionals who work with acute and chronic mental illness.

Happy National Nurse Week to CTM Assisted Living, Chris Moore and Affiliates. Thank you for all you do in the community to keep it healthy with mental well-being!

Clinical oversight as a nurse for assisted living includes organization of tasks such as review of law, quarterly assessments, medication management, psychotropic medication reviews, on call for emergency triage, delegations, staff inservices, teaching patients families and caregivers, writing and review of policies for compliance. This is compiled with care coordination for an interdisciplinary approach.

Happy National Nurse Week!

Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

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1 thought on “Today? Yes! This is the Day”

  1. Hello Becca,
    I also like to say thank you. Say thank you to all of you!
    You are doing a great job though all of you are completely under-payed!
    It’s a shame for our society that the ones who take care when we are sick
    or old get payed that less.
    I hope for you that time will change!
    All the best,


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