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Nurse Becca Blog made it to Top 10 at Wealthy Affiliates online business community. Rank is just a number, but still exciting news. Out of millions of members, Nurse Becca Blog is 26 overall today!

In Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings, the higher on ranking, the more potential clients are finding a website. The purpose of being found this way is to get customers to see and visit your business.

As the wise and Nerdy Nurse, Brittney once said: you may have the best blog out there for helping a serious or common problem but it will help no one if it is not seen.

Next step for Nurse Becca Blog on Wealthy Affiliates is System Ambassador. So, if you are planning to join Wealthy Affiliates now or in the near future…

You will have a nurse to precept.

What is different about a nurse as a mentor aside from a quirky sense of humor?

Affiliate marketing is much different than nursing assessments and managing multiple care plans simultaneously. But the nursing process is helpful in business, as outlined in How to Organize Five Giants. In this article, it explains using the nursing process to harness the internet for your business and website.

The training on Wealthy Affiliates covers everything you will need in marketing any company online. Take a look at the chart below to get a good idea of what you can expect as a Premium Member.

Free website and trial membership are also a good way to verify the value of Wealthy Affiliates.

Nurse Becca Consulting Logo
“Rebecca Nixon-Legal Nurse Consultant”

Updates: More Great News!

Nurse Becca blogs are making additional top 10 within wealthy Wealthy Affiliate! The rank system promoted Nurse Becca for Ambassador of the online business community. Resisting the urge to exclamation everything is futile at this point…

Because this is just in time for Women Who Create month, spring break celebration and 6 month dedication anniversary!

Nurse Becca’s Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Sold Out!

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  6. Lucky #7

Top 10 ! Again, Lucky #7 today for Nurse Becca Blog. This is a travel nurse blog, inspired by a road trip to help ultra rare condition/disease. Consistent top 10! I cannot describe how privileged I feel as a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador.

Top Ambassador (Lucky #7) and top 10 Blog!
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Update 5/17/19

Nurse Becca Blog makes Top 10 Again!

A thorough effort and taking action on what you learn will propel your company’s success.

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Top 10 Again!

A Wealthy Affiliate thank you post with PayPal teaching made top 10 today! 7/15/19

Top 10 Nurse Becca Blog Welcome a New Referral

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