Travel Nurse Resources Roundup Review

In the wake of lockdowns and CoVid restrictions, nurses are searching for resources online. Here is a brief review of resources to begin travel nursing with confidence and work toward your success.

Allied Health Job Cafe

One great resource I discovered with affiliate promotion is the Job Cafe:

Find your next adventure: Read More





How to find the nurse registries for Travel Nursing

Many platforms exist online to provide for nurses on the road. With a mind of protection for licensure and identity, nurses can see the world and have the safety of home.

Housing Accommodations

Furnished Finder



Travel Nurse Resources




Transportation alternatives


Scooter rental



To wrap up this roundup, the best reviews are linked in more detail. Content will be frequently updated with road trip experience by Nurse Becca. The goal to help with guiding the limitless possibilities on the internet for new and seasoned nurses. You can follow the following links to read a Blog Jibbas by Nurse Becca:


Email for guest blog posts, or request specific content related for helping travel nurses.

To begin your travel nurse career, first compile resources in your graduating class, and then take time finding mentorship. Researching online can give you more information to help you travel with comfort and find welcoming communities on your journey. Thank you for joining this prelaunch for affilate series in travel nursing.

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8 thoughts on “Travel Nurse Resources Roundup Review”

  1. Travel nursing is new to me, the internet has certainly made it easier for us to get information. Nurse Becca thank you for this article. It introduces nurses with the opportunity and agency to continue moving forward in life. Why be stagnant when you can move to different cities to work. If you love both nursing and travelling this a a great option.

    • I agree! I had so much fun feeling adventurous. I published the skeleton to get audience input. Are there any additions or things you’re curious about when a nurse is travelling-criteria for reviews you think would be helpful for a health care provider on the road-tools or services to add into the roundup?

      It helps to have input for inspiration.

      I really appreciate your comment and encouragement.

      Thank You & Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  2. I love both nursing and traveling. And I am surprised I didn’t know about this possibility. Whole heartedly, I send you a big thank you!

    I was honestly struggling between giving up my passion for nursing in order to travel. COVID-19 put a holt to my plans. But Why give up one when we can do both?

    • Dear Ann,

      Yes, Travel nurses are needed in most branches of nursing. You could also make your own brand of travel nursing that is related to your passion. For example, a travel nurse infusions for a specific condition and age group: Like, if you have case management for mental health in assisted living or skilled nursing you could continue education or get certification in a specific area then provide that for, say elders.

      Keep an eye out for emerging markets, like treatments that are in the final stages of clinical trials. I will add in more data to this post. When I requested comments, I was hoping to answer questions as well while I finish the post. Can you think of any information that would be helpful to include out of the topic headings?

      Thank you for your visit and taking the time to reply!

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  3. I didn’t  even know travel nurses  were a thing till I read your article . I found it very interesting  and very informative  its is a good article for nurses to read and if I was a nurse I would find this very helpful.its a good topic to discuss if I ever whatever to become a travel nurse.

    • Dear Ginny, 

      Yes, we do travel for specific functions. Many health concerns need to be addressed in the home, and it reduces rehospitalization. That gave me an idea… perhaps I could also round up quality reviews for home health travel nursing to compare rehospitalization rates… looking into this now. Thank you for sending me a note.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  4. Hello there, Rebecca! Oh wow this is a really good resource. I always thought it would be difficult to be a nurse while traveling. I kind of knew it was possible but had no idea where I would start if one were to consider this option.  Now I know where to look. Will be saving your page for future references. Thanks for this.

    • Dear Mike,

      You are very welcome! I am putting more information together and researching with feedback. Please let me know if you think of ideas to include on this topic, any questions or stories for input. I appreciate your visit and time to respond.


      Nurse Becca

      -R, Nixon, RN, CLNC


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