Vickie Milazzo CLNC Review

Vickie Milazzo is the founder of Legal Nurse Consulting as a Profession. This blog a review of the materials, process and quality of the training and Legal Nurse Consultant certification program through the Vickie Milazzo Institute.

In honor of celebrating Women Who Create Summit of the Teachable Affiliate program, I write about my personal favorite 5 Great Women Who Create.

The Vickie Milazzo Institute offered an in-person certification class. It is now available online at I attended with live in Las Vegas 2013 group of Nurses, then re-certified online in 2017.

Each day was a large class with a break for lunch, then a test on the final day to determine if the teaching was absorbed. The classrooms were like ballrooms, and a friendly welcome atmosphere.

The accommodations I had were somewhat different than the rest of the group, as I rented at a hotel near the seminar, and went to different shows on “the strip” each night. The Terry Fator show live in Las Vegas was so much fun, but I do not want to get too far off the topic here. I needed to make sure not to over-study, so catching a different attraction each evening was a good deterrent.

The seminar was both organized and elegant. The food was stellar, and service that of a fine cruise ship. Each seminar had hand-picked instructors with obvious and infectious passion for high standards of health care.

Texts and supplementary materials were easy to navigate and understand with extremely minimal spelling and grammar distractions. The brainstorming of masterminds was monumental.

The seminars teach different capacities of CLNC, functions of an expert and testifying witness, as well as the different requirements if the consultant is behind the scenes with record review.

Learning From the Best in the Business

Benefits of learning from the best in legal nurse consulting business include saving time, money, and stress. CLNC credential and learning can now be obtained online from Vickie Milazzo. I did the recertify and refresh online, and the software was very user friendly. Every call I have made for questions to Vickie’s team for support has been greeted with insight and kindness, and not just a sales approach.

I highly recommend reading Vickie’s Wall Street Journal Best Seller book, “Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman.” I further encourage spending time to research all programs before making a decision if you are planning on becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant.

You can get the book here, and they make great gifts!

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