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In the world of online marketing education, there are a plethora a options available when it comes to learning affiliate marketing. In this wealthy affiliate review, I am going to go through the entire wealthy affiliate platform and reveal to you exactly how awesome WA is and why it is my #1 recommended program.


About Wealthy Affiliate

Before we get into the actual review, let’s dive into what exactly is wealthy affiliate and what are the core features of the platform.

The Core Features

1. Training

In my experience, the training is an online consortium that has endless volumes of information in any area of business. What is great for starting, the core pieces of knowledge essential for introducing a brand or building influence to make it a household name.

There are different methods of building your own streamlined learning endeavors with Wealthy Affiliate. The online entrepreneurship is the foundation and offers the pillars for a niche or review website.

For people who just want to learn the basics of building a website designed for passive income, this is a great opportunity with rich learning on demand.

Video courses are my main way of learning, and after watching and rewatching Kyle’s presentations, I started attending live webinars by Jay, the creator of Magistudios. In the live trainings, each has an archive to replay for review or if timing for the live classes are not available for the affiliate. They are valuable for a seasoned or novice marketing plan.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Super Conference Details

The Diamond Traffic Program is a great example of learning available for Wealthy Affiliate Members.

2. Tools


  • WordPress website with more than 4,000 customizable themes
  • Support in selecting a niche
  • Opportunity to learn even more by teaching topics

As previously mentioned, Live Coaching sessions weekly and on demand

Site Content: This is a place for templates and creating content to post on a website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate. You can also insert pictures from over 2 million stock photos within Wealthy Affiliate from the Site Content tab. There are other options for images, such as from files or programs like Adobe Stock.

The Krakken Image Optimizer makes photos web compatible without weighing down website speed. These can help your posts rank in Google by adding alt image descriptions with keyword research. One of the ways to determine what keywords to help make a website monetize with help from Google is to use Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is yet another tool that can be a cornerstone for research and mind mapping blog posts.

Here is my Nurse Becca Blog Review of the service through Jaaxy that comes with every Wealthy Affiliate Premium account. There is also an upgrade for Jaaxy, but following the training can help rank keywords and continue to receive emails of congratulations when a post is indexed in Google.

When posts are published through site content, an email is generated that can give the content creator a signal to start analytics to see if posting more of the style of content that is helping your business.

3. Support

Speaking of support, here are a few core components that help premium member feel well supported in their business.

  • Live Chat – ambassadors of Wealthy Affiliate spend time frequently in live chat to guide other members with problems or questions related to website or marketing. The group is a great resource, and many of the closest people within networks have a way to brainstorm in real time conversation like text messaging.
  • Create a Ticket on Site Support – This is a world class group of people who care about helping you get work done. I’ve always had a good experience when I needed to use this function.
  • As a question in classrooms – if you are experiencing any issues during the training, you can ask a targeted question within the classroom and receive input to help you progress.
  • Send private messages to anyone in your network
  • Meet People who are interested in your work and values

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Pros & Cons

In outlining the benefits, it would be one sided without going over some of the possible drawbacks of any purchase.

It can take years to grow a brand, following, rank, and monetize a website. Even with state of the art training, an affiliate partnership only works well if the advertising partners can create an engaging and ongoing trust of the audience. Recommendations are then helpful suggestions from a reliable resource instead of just another sleezy salesman trying to make a quick buck online.

Everyone wants to know when they will see the money. Again, after investing in college education, certifications, mentoring programs and spending a fortune in online programs along the way it can be complicated for people making an effort for honest business among the spams, social engineering and malicious digital malingering out there online.

CLNC Promotion of Wealthy Affiliate

This Wealthy Affiliate Review is for anyone interested in marketing research and website development, but in particular:

  • Healthcare Consultants
  • Legal Firms
  • CLNC professionals in independent practice and groups

Website Support

The best feature after 2 years within the Wealthy Affiliate network, is the best practice for staying abreast on topics surrounding website development.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Site Support Screenshot

WordPress is one of the most successful ways to grow with creation of online business. Your website will continually be offered updates to enjoy added features and the new sophistications of security.

With Wealthy Affiliate, 10 website options are available. Many people stick to one niche website because the work of building content is compounded with too many additional sites to keep updated.

In Wealthy Affiliate, there are several ways to get website support.

  1. Live Chat
  2. Site Support
  3. By private message
  4. In discussion by posting a question

Live Chat members often direct to Site Support if unsure the answer to a question, and the response is by experienced team members who are always working behind the scenes.

When I submitted a site support ticket, my question was attended to within an hour.

Tap Here to Learn More About my #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Programs

Business Is Shifting to Web Sales in Pandemic Times

New medical consulting firms and legal firms were already largely virtual prior to the CoVid Crisis starting in 2019. Now litigation has required more service and trial activity to occer online because of the risk of infection.

In order for attorneys to begin independent marketing, a website for their brand is a great start for clients to find them. Large law firms may already have a website. Even these domains can be easily transferred to Wealthy Affiliate for hosting.

Successful CLNC Website

The success of a website relies on research helping people and making more value. Giving this service grows trust. This is the essense of brand development. Making more of the relationship builds trust and makes that brand a household name.

Vickie Milazzo teaches this philosophy and the midnset for success as well.
She always had the audience engaged by having them repeat we are nurses and we can do anything, and We Are Successful CLNCs!
Followers of Vickie Milazzo brand know this and the value of ownership of a website for development of CLNC niche markets for specialties catering to attorney needs.

The Vickie Milazzo Institute sold to Tate within the past year, and in light of the CoVid Pandemic, Vickie Milazzo has returned back to her proverbial bedside as the pioneer to teach about CoVid Case Litigation in Light of the serious recent legal implications surrounding CoVid-19.

Live Zoom events by Milazzo have commenced to organize ways CLNC members can help guide attorneys through these uncertain times. Only a nurse front line can serve as an expert for these judges and juries, one who is active during the time and similar standards in place.

The program recommends web building, and now seasoned business owners can attest to the benefit of building your own website, not only to help drive residual income but building lasting brands as well.

The Success Stories Speak Volumes

Wealthy Affiliate Review  - Meeting with the Co-Founders Kyle &  Carson.

You are Cordially invited to check out my favorite success stories:

  • Bible Toons Creator HL Neilson
  • Little Mama Grace
  • Jay Neill
  • Nathaniel
  • Roope Kiuttu

The peer accountability and community makes for many future potential opportunities for success.

A special note for Kyle as a favour. I wrote a small abstract of this blog as a pay it forward for the Trustpilot we build in partnerships, providing consistent quality and ongoing actions to build an amazing online business community filled with community partnerships.

It is a shout out for hope in spreading viral caring and service instead of the CoVid Virus amidst the world pandemic.

My #1 Recommendation:

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Trust Pilot Review

During the pandemic impact this year, this is one resource for engagement in a community which helps your business. Economy flux is piloting more online company adventures, and it has never been a better time to be active and engaging online.

Wealthy Affiliate has built my trust for training, mentorship, community, hosting and in many regards is one of the best investments to make.
Training is added by affiliates who have completed the online education course offered through Wealthy Affiliate for entrepreneurs. It is my recommendation, for free trial and premium upgrade to continue learning how to integrate marketing online for a business plan that builds financial wellness.

I feel honored and privileged to have served as an ambassador with the leadership, and most recently attending my coaching with mastermind Jay Niell who built Magistudios. We know him at Wealthy Affiliate as an ongoing mentor who builds live coaching which are always accessible trainings with world famous question and answer sessions.

Pros and cons:

With online marketing, there are many products to try out and many have affiliate reviews to give a better idea of which to choose to investigate. Look into the length of time the company has been in business. Wealthy Affiliate had been my #1 resource for 2 years.

The only cons are self imposed, but many people have listed the training as outdated or basic. In other words, not for more advanced marketers who are seasoned in business practice. With the added feature of long term premium membership ability to publish trainings– these are browsable and accessible at any time to receive the most updated in any topic by search. When topics are not covered, that is another opportunity each member can create some education to get paid for presenting current topics of interest.

This is one of the many reasons I personally invite you to begin an outstanding network within Wealthy Affiliate.
Thank You for taking the time to read this review. Please like, share and comment to give a Google boost for a hard working nurse. This review is based personally on experience: 2 years of in-depth research and active membership, including building training videos myself.

Kind Regards,
Nurse Becca
-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC”

In Conclusion

With a decade in nursing and 20 years in the healthcare industry, community is the best value to offer in any business. Communication is the key to community. Google ranking keywords can help get traffic, but only reputation and becoming the most known, liked and trusted you can be is a good start. Even long term website owners may be virtually invisible within the worldwide web because of its vastness.

Without participating and making consistent strides continually learning, the Wealthy Affiliate program would not work at all. It is not for anyone, but those who are willing to show caring, provide service and help people with products and services genuinely.

This is a spam free environment where no one is allowed to solicit and can be removed from ability to post content on the Wealthy Affiliate website if there are direct promotions for funneling members off into a possible scam or unsavory advertisement. That is another thought in regard to knowing the benefits after this membership, the wealth of knowledge like a motherlode of gold, support and peer accountability, valuable tools for your business.

>> Try it free today, no credit card required <<

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Thanks for writing a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve often heard about this platform and become curious to try it. There is a lot of positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate out there, so it seems really a legit one. I’m still new in affiliate marketing, so I am alright with basic training. I also like that hosting is included, so there isn’t any need to buy separate hosting. Will try to join as a free member first. Thank you.

    • You’re quite welcome of course. The free version is a great way to get started. Have a wonderful day.

      Warm Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  2. Hey, Great Review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate too and I think you mentioned almost everything that is provided here at WA. I have attended the live classes and they are awesome and informative. Also, does CLNC mean clinic? I am not an expert with chat language. This post would anyone who is looking to join WA. 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Hi, I’ve read your article “Wealthy Affiliate, A Review”.

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    Many thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Nurse Becca,

    This is some great information you’ve shared with us – especially going over the pros and cons of any hosting or affiliate marketing site. I think it’s helpful for those that are debating on getting into the online world and they see someone that has given as much information as possible to make an educated decision.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is the Wealthy Affiliate, A Review. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Website Support. I myself am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform from which I have succeeded in the world of affiliate marketing with various types of training.

    Finally, I would like to share this on my social media to let people know about the platform so that people can know about the whole platform.

    • Definitely, Mr. Islam, you are quite welcome. I really appreciate the positive mood in your writing and taling your time to mention so positively.

      Thanks so much,

      Nurse Becca

  7. Well, it surely isn’t easy peasy, but I believe I chose the right path when joining WA almost ten month ago. Your article is very thorough, and, if I understood so far that this won’t be a light, smooth journey, reading your article confirmed there is a lot to learn and work if I am to be some day one of someone’s favourite success story. However, I have not ever met a community so willing to help and support each others on that journey, so I know I will.

  8. Hello there, Thanks dor sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have been with Wealthy affiliate or more than a year now and i must tell you it has been good all the way… When it comes to affiliate marketing WA is the best place to start as they have all the needed knowledge in their Bootcamp.

    • Thank you for reading this review, I’ve been working with Jay as my coach 1 on 1 and it really has made a difference on my website

  9. Hello Rebecca Nixon! This is an amazing review you have got here. One can make some money in affiliate marketing if you follow the training and tutorials from WA and put in an ungodly amount of work. I’m sure of this, though most people who arrive at Wealthy Affiliate will be lucky if they make enough money to pay for their membership.

    Thanks for sharing this review!

  10. I came across Wealthy affiliate when I was in a serious need for a place to learn about online business and also earn online, it’s been a really long time and a very interesting experience too, WA is very legit and it has lots of good stuffs to offer to it’s members, it’s users friendly and it is owned by real owners.

  11. Hello Rebecca, clearly there are levels to it when it comes to.online platforms that can teach you all to need to know about an online business and wealthy affiliate comes on top all the times I have made my research for so many reasons. I love the level of communication and the exposure you get all together. These things are very vital

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  13. This is quite a review on wealthy affiliate and I must tell you that it’s good to be able to understand just how well one should be able to make some very good money by going through the training that the platform has available there. I have been seeing people talking about this one but I didn’t know which one is the best for me to jump on in.

  14. Thanks for this honest review of WA. When I first started I had zero experience about how to start an online business let alone to setup a website and WA has offered the platform to learn how to build a website step by step. What you have covered here is exactly what we get through this platform, ranging from the community, site support, live training webnars and so forth.

    Than you for sharing.

  15. I joined wealthy affiliate about a month after quitting my job and it is interesting that you have great benefits as a free member and then there is a whole level of opportunity when you become a premium member. the support system is great and the response to your concerns are treat with urgency. thank you for this review.

    • Thank you for giving me your thoughts on this review. I’m working on another article, and the coaching is helping out a lot.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  16. I ran over Wealthy subsidiary when I was in a genuine requirement for a spot to find out about online business and furthermore win on the web, it’s been a truly prolonged stretch of time and an extremely intriguing encounter as well, WA is very genuine and it has loads of good stuffs to offer to it’s individuals, it’s clients cordial and it is claimed by genuine proprietors.

  17. I also know from first hand experience how important community is in any en-devour we’re about to begin. And I didn’t know that all these things were included in just one platform. I had been researching and I feel there are around ten platforms that are needed to cover all that’s mentioned here.

    • I love our community, too. Thank you for joining with this discussion topic, your input is important and much appreciated from my heart.

      Best Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  18. Thank you for sharing this article on wealthy affiliate. I really enjoy using the platform and I think wealthy affiliate is a great platform for online marketing and promoting either your website or for even starting a business. It’s a community where you can learn from others who are well versed in the field and also earn a lot from their various packages. 

  19. Hello there!

    That is a very amazing article about Wealthy Affilliate. I thought I knew quite enough about the company until i saw this article revealing the core features of the company. I hope to be able to utilize these features to my advantage and keep enjoying the benefits the company has to offer it’s audience.


    • You’re quite welcome of course. I hope it helps in building your goals and milestones. Jay Neill has bee. A positive influence as a coach and mentor. It is really his leadership that assisted me to write this article.

      I’m happy that you liked it, and took the time to write here.


      Nurse Becca

  20. I’ve been a wealthy affiliate user for less than a year now but I can say I honestly enjoy it. It feels like a direct connect with the e-commerce market that often hides in the shadows of day-to-day happenings.

    What go you started in the affiliate market space? I had one of those breakdown moments where I decided I need a change and that this was my best chance to express my passion into a source of income.

    • I started learning of affiliate marketing with Vickie Milazzo, and then joined WA in 2014. I needed more e perience with the research and business aspects and rejoined 2018 to build nursebeccaconsulting.com again. It has been valuable to work with the network.

      Opening my company really took flight after earning CLNC in dedication to mom, Diana and dad, Al who both made the foundation for consulting. Through mom’s passing from an adverse drug event that turned into a class action suit, came black box label warnings for anticoagulants in healthcare, as well as enduring dad’s effects from his military service became a lifelong learning endeavor to pay it forward. My dad’s memorial marker was an effort over 20 years to obtain records and research with the NOVA group. They are the National Organization for Veteran’s Attorneys whose team helped with Department of Justice orders release medical records and secured the site properly engraved for dad’s career of service. And his well-earned Purple Heart. 

      These life experiences have taught me never give up, and the true importance of networking.

      That is an excellent question, and complicated with some grief. I hope I explained this well, as it is the basis of a company mission for the past 7 years (Specialty Medical-Legal Research).


      Nurse Becca

  21. I’ve been a wealthy affiliate user for less than a year now but I can say I honestly enjoy it. It feels like a direct connect with the e-commerce market that often hides in the shadows of day-to-day happenings.

    What go you started in the affiliate market space? I had one of those breakdown moments where I decided I need a change and that this was my best chance to express my passion into a source of income.

  22. I wanted to explain with more detail, as I started to look for more on marketing when I read Vickie Milazzo’s book Wicked Success in 2013. This was shortly after my mother passed on, and I discovered she had recently lost her mom to breast cancer as well. I went to the Vickie Milazzo Institute training in Las Vegas and it was my first desire to get more information on affiliate type programs.
    When I originally signed up for Premium the first time with Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle gave my money back because I needed diaper money and had work to grow bedside nursing skills and support family as well as our community. That is part of why I returned, fully knowing the kind of person Kyle is from that one action to help out a poor old nurse.
    The hands on skills in nursing are also needed to attest for expert services in the CLNC profession.
    It was part of planning to market these services to furnish my PharmD with helping Medical-legal and healthcare consulting clients, affiliate revenue and piggy bank from hands on practice to pool toward further research in treating cancers and infections or other medical complications with pharmacogenetics.
    I’m not sure if the longer explanation gives a better picture, but it is my why and the passion behind my whole life works. A great career in lifelong learning.
    Nurse Becca

  23. This is a nice and concise review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been part of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now and think you’ve addressed plenty of the features and benefits that comes with the platform. Wealthy Affiliate is the only program I’ve used to help set up a niche website, but I do think I can safely say it’s one of the best. I’ve gotten good help and feedback fairly quickly whenever I’ve asked for it and the community is so welcoming.

    • I enjoy it as well, and have a growing family with Wealthy Affiliate because of trust built over time. I’m glad you happened by, and really appreciate your response.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  24. There are lots of sites to create websites and get started in an online business of some form, but there are not sites quite like Wealthy Affiliate that have detailed, easy to follow training from the beginner to the highly advanced level along with training seminar.  As well, the tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate when combined with the training make starting and maintaining an online business fun and easy.  Everyone can begin with the free trial and decide from their how far ahead they want to move.

    • I also think it has a lot to offer both professional and beginner or novice in any niche. The idea of a hybrid website with Wealthy Affiliate as well as niche promotions is not quite as popular, so it has taken me longer to build that kind of brand. It really has been a great learning experience, and the providing of training materials and continued education is required anyway for my nursing license, so it really is a win win situation in getting more practice for building learning resources. look at nbcedu.teachable.com for more free offers, I built a few practice seminars, and will continue to add to it with input ongoing. Please let me know if you think of education you are interested in learning more about, as I can plan to  build it for the next round of continuing education for my nursing license. Thank you for a visit and discussions.


      Nurse Becca

  25. You’ve done one of the best reviews on W.A. Being a premium member with W.A. and seeing this review, made me think that I am with a “goal mine industry”. W.A. has something that most companies don’t have and that is a strong, friendly, and helpful community. It’s a win, win with W.A. as you can learn and earn at the same time.

    • I am very proud that Jay was able to help me with this project, because he has a great deal of experience. It is a great investment I have recently made, and I am hoping it becomes a great pay it forward in honor of the community. 


      Nurse Becca

  26. Well done! 

    Your review is very interesting and extremely informative. I had been looking for ways to make money online for years only to be scammed and discouraged, but I kept my faith never giving up hope. I knew that there had to be something real out there…too many other people were making money…real money at that.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for anyone to get started on creating a residual income and learning the core fundamentals to getting it started, but like you said WA is not for everyone. It will take hard work, dedication and perseverance.

    I stumbled across WA a few moths ago and it really is like nothing I have ever seen before. I am still a novice but I am confident that what I am being taught will take me a long way even for years to come. 

    Like you also stated having a community of like minded individuals that actually engage with you, is one of the best values that can be offered in any type of business or program. 

    Although I am already a member you taught me something I did not know and that is about the pictures that can be accessed in site content. 

    I can appreciate this review because I know for myself how great the platform at WA actually is!

    Great job!


    • Dear Ashley,

      Thank you kindly for a positive response. I’m glad to know the information is useful for active members as well as people who are interested in being in the community.

      Hope you have a wonderful day!

      Sincere Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  27. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for your amazing review, it really helps to folks are who looking for online business and this is good to start for newbie because they will learn from from the training, at the same time there is site support if I need an answer to my question and also Q&A live video and live chat if I want to ask members they help immediately. This is amazing platform in the world to start my foundation building business online. 

    Thanks a lot Becca.


    • Dearest Ed,

      You’re quite welcome of course! I’m glad you’re building your business with the Wealthy Affiliate community. What niche did you decide for your company brand?

      Thank you for your interest and input. 

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  28. I’ve been really exposed to  wealthy affiliate to the extent that I know everything about it, I’ve been into the platform for quite a while and I know quite a lot about it. If you’re able to get a very reliable review of wealthy affiliate, you’ll know that the platform is a very good one that has a lot of benefits to offer to it’s members.

    • Dear Hanness 

      There is an evergrowing plethora of information online, I’m glad we found this resource and network. Have you started mentoring referrals? I think peer accountability can be valuable. Thank you for visiting and joining the discussion.


      Nurse Becca

  29. Thank you this is an excellent detailed analysis of Wealthy Affiliate that clearly sets out the pros and cons. Your point about it being an ideal platform to work with during the current pandemic is absolutely spot on. Do you have any regrets about starting with WA? If you had your time again, what would you have done differently, if at all?

    • I probably would have stayed put from the get go, but Kyle was kind enough to help me out and I came back already knowing I can trust him. I was a member in 2014 but did not take the time to get to know the benefits, then I returned in 2018 to try becoming an ambassador to pay it forward. This restarted Nurse Becca blogs, since Sept.2018.

      I appreciate your question, it reminds me of the experience of grief from losing mom and the tough time makes me more thankful for Wealthy Affiliate leadership being real people who care.

  30. The many features and benefits within the Wealthy Affiliate community and on its platform is unmatched. It is just a matter of spending consistent time on the platform learning all that is there and selecting the training most useful to you at the present time. Then it is just a matter of committing to applying this training and knowledge on a consistent basis. Individuals from any market sector can most definitely benefit from becoming an active participant in this community.

    • Dear Joseph,

      Thank you for your visit and commenting:) I love the trainings and the ability to access them for reference at any time

  31. Hi Rebecca and I would like to say what a great review you have provided. I am also part of the Wealthy Affiliate network and I believe you covered all the main points. I would like to say that I was really impressed with your Pros and Cons section. Many people tend to omit the Cons in fear of sounding negative. However what you said was 100% correct. It can take quite a long time to build your website and this does have to be explained to potential members. It certainly took me quite a while to make my first sale. Saying that, ever since that first “buzz” I have enjoyed the challenge of improving my site and earnings. The Wealthy Affiliate network I believe is second to none and I am proud to be a member. 


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