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  1. One Page of Power
  2. Adding Value to Your Video (With Closed Captions!)
  3. ACH Cha-Ching Electronic Money Transfer video
  4. Affiliate Programs Triage
  5. GIF Easy as 123 for Wealthy Affiliate
  6. 6 Cell Tech Tips https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/6-cell-tech-tips-mobile-resources

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Here are more general trainings by Nurse Becca on Teachable.

  1. Bag Elegance (get your custom #Artisan Purse)
  2. Best Tips For Scholarship Success Free course!
  3. Bloodborne Illness
  4. Helo Extense Review Bloodless Glucometer by World Global Network
  5. Abuse Policy for Assisted Living Inservice Tips amd Review of Abuse Policy in Assisted Living
  6. Preventing Medication Errors1
  7. Infections and Incidents
  8. State Survey Inservice Tips For #Assisted Living Staff

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