Webull App Review



Options for Extended Hour Trade


Basic Navigation Functionality


Value for trading in stocks


Networking opportunities



  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Provides Useful Resources
  • Positive User Experience
  • Free Stocks
  • Online Community Atmosphere

Improvement Opportunities

  • Minor spelling or grammatical errors
  • Makes trading possible without the education
  • Potential for Info Overload
  • Transfers Take Time
  • Discussion can be distracting

Webull App

Terms for Trading

Disclaimed: Nurse Becca Blogs brought to you in part by WEALTHY AFFILIATE open education project are not designed to give financial, legal or medical advice.


The proud bull represents the market in full force on the positive side to make growth.


The bear market is in the infamous red zone, and represents downtrodden market trends during which the price of acquiring new stocks is low.


To hold stock shares is to neither buy nor sell.

*GFV- (Good Faith Violation)

Like a rubber check that can’t be trusted, a GFV occurs if stocks are attempted to be purchased without available funds. GFV citations are noncompliance tags of trading code of ethics, so to speak. GFV does not help in building a respectable or profitable portfolio.

In order to avoid these violations, follow policy and learn some form of trade etiquette. The trick is not letting bullish mouth write checks the fuzzy bear bottom can’t cash.

*Paper Trading

*Extended Trading Hours- granted to allow after hours trades based on membership.

Analyzing Profit and Loss, Company Financials

Webull’s amazing analysis capabilities helps members review details about a company prior to investment. The free stock, with a hundred dollar deposit for investment. 2 free stocks are credited, the value of which is up to an invisible robot for this experiment, let us imagine it is Vanna White.

Questions to ask before investing:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What are the main products and services?
  • What are the assets versus liabilities?
  • Is the price right?

Downloading the Webull App

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You can download the app for Webull trade here. Trade Stocks, ETF and Options on Webull! Open an account and get a free stock. Deposit and get more free stock.

Summer lottery is kicking off with 1200 shares of KO stocks for raffle with friends who join.

Set up profile, transfer money to fund the investment. This action produces 2 free tradable stocks only Vanna White knows the secret value. But the price is right, please pardon an intended pun.

Journey Through The Center of The Stock Market

Content goes here. You can transfer in IRA investments, for which Webull credits cancellation penalty and transfer fees to help make the transition more profitable to join.

Weathering the CoVid-19 Storm

With Liberty We Prevail

Investing can be a savvy way to spend tax refunds,  and the Webull App can help novice and experienced investors with the research portion. The investigating and research part is a strategy of wisely investing into profitable companies.

Return on Investment How to Trade

Community, inside the forum and on Facebook

Sugar, You’re SWEET!

Conclusion: Promotion and Campaign Recommendation

Review Call To Action, #Affiliate Link

Peer accountability for research

Video, Demonstration of the Anatomy and physiology of Webull App

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My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

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