Why Defense Lawyers Get $Smacked$ With Costly Verdicts

Have You Ever Wondered Why Lawyers Get Smacked With Costly Verdicts?

Let’s say you’re a defense lawyer and the Verdict awards $ 3,427, 556 to the plaintiff!

 Why does this occur, and how can we fix it?

The big question for attorneys is not why they are hit with the costly verdict, but what tactics may be used to prevent this unsavory outcome. Welcome to the seemingly endless stack of papers that keep lawyers busy, while getting them hit with hefty verdicts like a ton of bricks. The time taken to navigate the records and identify the merit of the case is a disctraction for counsel while piling up cases which they could not adequately defend.

Merely outsorcing and delegating blindly with subcontracting, this affiliate-like relationship can take charge with good outcomes. There are careful considerations for planning a defense before signing it off to someone who may not be the best fit for the outcome clients expect or hope for.

Subcontracting with highly trained professional legal nurse consultants can free the time needed to do the elements of these cases only an attorney can do. This is the focus needed for a strong defense. Hiring the right professionals can prevent the instances when a case will not settle.

When a Case Will Not Settle

As distasters strike in court, the mallet strikes the slate.

The ongoing concern for defense litigation is getting smacked with costly verdicts. The best strategy to keep defense lawyers on track for great client reviews is having a plan in place like a caremap. This prevents unneccessary consumption of time needed for other tasks , Monopolizing attorney time for orchestrating prudent testimonies, organizing legal elements. Sending the excess tasks relieves a burden that can also alleviate the risk of uneccessary sacrifice of valuable time.

Consider the Demonstrative Evidence

=>>Is this Reasonable Visual Proof?<==

When building a display for defense in a case, the visual aids can help display innocence of a client..

If the evidence is portrayed in a memorable fashion, this will be the imagery in the minds of onlookers when a verdict is reached. The image must take the reader from the written and spoken claim to acknowledging relevant facts.

The best way to do this is to match the work with the right professionals.

Hire the experts. Take a quick inventory to see if your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is the right fit for your case.

Among the great takeaways in this brief blog, use the specialized skills of a certified legal nurse consultant to give opinions and support for the best defense of the case. The practice of using consultants for defense cases can help a firm provide the best service for their clients by:

  1. Merit screening
  2. Streamlining the defense
  3. Creation of Demonstrative evidence
  4. Chronological time line
  5. Summary Brief, Detailed and Comprehensive
  6. Expert Opinions, and background in relation to the case
  7. Recommendations
  8. Medical insight on electronic health records
  9. Testimony of the standard of care in comparison to the demostrative evidence

CV and Mock Video Testimony

A Cirriculum Vitae is a showcase of working knowledge within the med-law arena. This can be done by video, but another use for video venue is practicing with a virtual testinony or deposition.

The CV is a way to get a bird’s eye view that differs from a resume in some regards. The court documents will need to include an actual resume, and fee schedule for the services. The attorney gains more clout if Potential Expert Witness is able to provide the speaking presence and confidence needed to portray defense as the favorable party to the jury.

One way to help defense attorneys decide on a good fit for their Legal Nurss Consultant is to conduct a preliminary video meeting. A script of questions and responses can be used to determine the level of speaking ability and presence of good vocal skills. The appearance, tone, speaking volume, verbal and nonverbal elements can be good indicators of compatibilty with the needs of the firm or specific case.

Zoom In On Skills

Video Interviews are a way to investigate the technical capabilites of your potential new team member. Zoom features can help with Conducting consulting interviews or rehearsing your questions with potential witnesses in an interrogation style.

From the beginning of a case, the expert witness can be retained to help provide the research, organize the information for best comprehension, and offer an opinion only a nurse is qualified to provide on standards in the specific area of nursing within the case.

The right expert can be identified using Zoom and other interview tactics. For a free list of screening questions click here and enter your email. There is an option to receive future emails with new nurse Becca Blogs, sales and affiliate opportunities. Guests can opt out at anytime if they would no longer like to receive communications from Nurse Becca Consulting.

Recorded Mock Interrogatories

This tool can assist attorneys in deciding which consultant to use for their client’s best defense. The list of questions can be very similar to actual interrogatories, and recorded to assess nonverbal communication. Does the witness appear, sound and present themselves as a resource who people know, like and trust. These elements can be a determining factor about hiring an expert for a specific case.

After unfavorable verdicts, defense can be discouraged. Communities may be less inclined to keep a firm in business. That is why the question should not be why defense firms get smacked with the hefty verdicts, but how to prevent that. To solve the problem is ironically in the answer to this question. Defense can suffer negative outcomes like this without a legal nurse consultant, so hiring this expertise service is the action good defense attorneys do to prevent getting smacked with the costly verdicts.

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  1. You provided very good explanation why hiring a certified nurse consultant can help with a case. These are considered expert opinion. The 9 points you provided are totally relevant in the healthcare industry. I am not in that industry but was engaged as expert consultant in a legal case by a small defense against a large plaintiff. In my case, IP infringement. By providing evidence of industry practices and norms can sometimes help cases where as an expert consultant, you express  the industry practices and norms as well as your opinion. You are not legal so you only need to state your professional views and let legal do their job.

  2. Hello Rebecca, thanks for sharing this useful article. Getting a lawyer in ones defense to so mnaay people is easy, but having to pay their fee is what chases them away and they sometimes settle for less which isn’t very healthy for the case they are having, however I have never needed one, but some time ago my dad had an issue with tye company he supplies with materials and it became a court stuff and the fee for tye lawyer was ¼ of the total money that was causing the disagreement. Also, the tips you gave on the nurse consultant would be a very helpful one to anyone who needs to get one. Best regards. 

  3. I have to say; your site isn`t bad; but you might want to remove Images at the top of the page; and put them later.  And I will say; you have about enough Information for two to four Articles; and I tell many People this; but you should break up your paragraphs; you have some paragraphs which are two spaces only; which is good; but those that are more should be broken up into smaller paragraphs; and maybe this is common knowledge; but I forget and others may too; is the Plaintiff the one defending or suing; you should mention that.

    • There you are! Thank you for the valuable insight. I agree with you. The slider is annoying me and I am shopping for a different theme. But the request was about the article. The plaintiff is the one with the comPLAINT. The defendant DEFENDS IT. I hope this word association helps you remember. I truly appreciate your input.


      Nurse Becca

  4. Hello,

    Hiring the right professionals is the only accurate method to save time and do the tasks without any error. I think  making a summary, which is brief yet detailed and comprehensive, getting export opinion and background check related to the case could be very important and helpful if it done by a good legal nurse consultant. As you have mentioned a preliminary video meeting can be very informative than a regular CV.

    I have a very limited experience in this field. But all the points you have mentioned in this article seems very helpful. Could you please suggest what would be the best criterion  when carrying a background check on a case?

  5. There is always so much to do and when you feel like the tasks are too many and you have major or important cases to deal with outsourcing can be a great way for you to get more time concentrate. Also when the case won’t settle it is a good idea to outsource to experts that you think may do a better job than yourself sometimes although at times this may hurt your pride or wouldn’t it (Just at times). I think this isn’t just for lawyers but for everyone that has any business this will work well

  6. Getting a nurse consultant is not an easy task but surely one that most people have done but then, losing and getting the verdict against one often comes because of the fact that people end up hiring substandard lawyers who are most likely prone to losses in most instance s. But then, seeing this post here, I have a better view of everything and how it works especially, the reason one needs a much better lawyer by paying the price fee. However, the 9points listed too are welconed

  7. Hello jirse Becca, I’m a first time commenter on your website. I have to say that I have really enjoyed your post here on this topic. I wasn’t thinking you were going to talk about a nurse consultant, that is not something I really know about that much bit you have given the explanation of how they can really help with cases. I have not needed to have a defendant before but now I know all to do when I need one and how not to get really really hit with a big money verdict.

  8. Hello,

    I really enjoyed your post.  I think it has lots of valuable information that we as consumers tend not to think about unless we’re directly affected.  But, you are absolutely correct, it would seem very important to choose the best professional for the job.  Great idea on the screening technique via internet video, this will save everyone time and $ if not the right combination to get the desired results!  

    Keep up the great content and you will have much success!

    Amy B.

  9. These nine points are or very great relevance to the health care industries. We all know that getting a credible and a very professional lawyer is kind of expensive and many people seem not to be able to afford it so in that case, they go for the less ones and this in the end will take a big effect on the case they are in. It’s very wise to you to give those tips on what to consider when hiring a professional, they are very useful. I’ve learned quite a lot form this article thanks for sharing.

  10. Defense lawyers are more probed to losing a case than the other sets of lawyers when it comes to handling a case and people often ask the reason for this. To me, it is simple, because most people settle for lesser attorneys and as such, they miss out on quality defense. But I cannot blame anybody because the costly charges of the more established one is not a hood way to go about it. Hence, I feel what you have shared here is almost an eye opener that would help anyone to be more prudent if they were ever to be in need of a defense attorney again.

  11. Thanks for sharing this amazing and helpful information. It’s true that many people thinks choosing a professional legal nurse consultant is an easy task, and that’s obviously why they always end up with wrong choices, thanks to you for sharing those tips, they’ll be of great help so that people will know what and what to look out for. Another thing I discovered is that the expense of hiring a professional is very high, so when people feel inconvenienced by the pricing, the always settle for less. So far, I’ve had no reason to need one but who can say, the need might arise later, noe i know how to go about it. It’s really good of you to have shared this article.

  12. It appears that you have valuable experience to provide services to defense lawyers in connection with medical matters. I have often wondered how the juries deduce these large compensation packages in damages in civil medical cases. Using the services of an expert witness like you could bring into play logic and reason that can help the defense case to minimize these large damages. 

    I think we can agree that in these kind of cases, it is fair to impose damages. However, it is also prudent to make sure these judgements are also fair to the defense. 

    When patents are written, it is common to cite prior art that us used to create something unique that is patentable. I have two patents in the flat panel display field and I used this approach too. Rarely does an invention exist that does not build on something that has gone before.

    In two cases where I was called upon as an expert witness I was able to show that the plaintiff was blurring the area between prior art and new thinking to make it appear that there was an IP infringement. I was able to show that was not the case mainly because of my expertise in that field. 

    And you have shown in this article that in the medical field this situation exists too, even if it is not an IP case but a situation where the accuser has been harmed in some way by a product made by the defendant. There is the added dimension of time that also has to be taken into consideration. Your knowledge and experience can go a long way to assist the defense have a fair trail and verdict. 


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