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Is there such a thing as a 5 figure tax refund?

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Libery Tax Service Review

Introducing a Review blog, brought to you in part by Wealthy Affiliate and Cindy, my 5 star Tax Lady.

With the CoVid economy crisis, there is an element to in person human bond. Even with a mask and a plastic drape to separate the people. Our new requirements for safety and compliance are wearing a mask if coming within 6 feet of people could be unavoidable.

Excluded from the requirements are people who have hearing disabilities, medical exclusions or under 2 years old. Temporary restrictions have closed some businesses in the flux but locally, there are safeguards in place for coronavirus updated today.

Cindy with liberty tax has sleek service, and has had to go through many loops to keep as many staff members as possible on board.

The overall atmosphere is positive despite CoVid-19 and Cindy has been ongoing service deserving of praising like we should.

My tax lady went above and beyond to ensure marketing expenses for Wealthy Affiliate, my website hosting and advertising for my business are accounted with profit and loss to create a write-off benefit. Many people don’t realize the possible expenses to claim, to list a few that helped create better outlook,

  • car cost for your travel
  • Mileage used for business up to the federal regulations ( if you are partially reimbursed, your taxed credit can be enhanced by getting government help between the reimbursement amount and the allowance.)
  • Office equipment, fax, computer, and other office supplies used for the business
  • Cost of domains
  • paid advertisements

Another Super Cindy magic was assisting with the Payment Protection Program offered for a loan to provide for sustainable staffing. This can even be a sole proprietorship, where there is only one employee or a business of one. It helped that we found an expert on the PPP and walked right through the process with stellar service.

If the business is also open as of February 2020, and has the profit and loss statement or the final tax filing, they take line 31 C divided by 12, then multiply by 2.5 for the estimate of loan amount request. The figure is then potentially 40% forgiven based upon the criteria of spending the proceeds as directed and keeping business going.

Forbes update, article explains PPP Extension:


Additional resources:

1. Your Tax Professional

2. Your local branch of Small Business Association

3. Your local bank and/OR credit union

4. irs.gov website

Forms and frequently asked questions are at the above Internal Revenue Service Website.


These are all great places to research, learn what to document and to ask questions.  This article is not to be used as advice to make any informed decisions;. All of your tax questions should be asked and answered with your tax professional. Of importance, is not meant as medical advice to treat or guide any health condition.

Courtesy Cannot be Overrated by CoVid

At Liberty Tax service, There used to be Snicker bars, little snacks like Doritos and sodas in the lobby for guests with children’s toys and passing out of fifty dollar bills to get a referral for Uncle Sam. We know this is a spot of bad luck for many businesses as well as the overall market health for our country, and there is no place in the world unaffected by the sickness.

We had similar panic of overall society when HIV and AIDS was first discovered. The way people who practice homosexuality was more taboo and we were in dire straights for understanding the mode of transmission and the impact to the human race.

The first privacy laws enacted were HIV associated illnesses, then all the coding for medical conditions outnumbered the possible positions for ICD-9 coding. It became ICD-10 to allow for a closer to infinite combinations of numbers to keep up with coding system to keep information private and digital payments processing for health care.

The fear factor is proportional in a way from our pandemic perspective, with a flashback that mimics the uncertainty of AIDS. When it first became inflammatory, there was unfairness toward health providers who were accidentally infected by the virus contaminant on a needle piercing the skin and replicating past the body defenses.

Now we have corona and many interactions are awkward or risky, some pieces of communication are skewed masking a smile. With the loss of these priceless elements of service, Cindy shines through. She consistently provides tax services with the highest level of professional support and courteous care despite that nasty CoVid-19.

With the tax refund, investing on the highest ROI (return on investment) turns out to be Webull stock trading for tax return invest. This process of investing with my brother who was also able to profit from the process in building a portfolio. These stocks could mean a nurse eventually retires without panhandling but instead prosperous adventures. A goldmine worth sharing, that the investment gave me a high percent of ROI.

YOU can get your own Webull account here:

Also, the Wealthy Affiliate link to join for making a profitable website and brand that can be scaled with effort follows:

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This can be a great tax return investment, the referral I made for my brother to join Wealthy Affiliate and his invitation to invest in Webull. 2nd round of stimulus, potentially unemployment for self-employed are other potential ways that could be ways to start up with the cash flow needed to get businesses out of jeapordy from the problems stemming from poverty within the aftermath.

“One thing I noticed the WA membership price was only showing on one month for profit and loss statement,” Cindy Said. With noticing this, I had to go above and beyond the normal 50$ coupons we did for referrals. This nurse decided to write a Nurse Becca Blog in thanks to Cindy. The worldwide chance for people to meet the Nurse Becca Consulting brand landed new contracts and helped process with electronic funds transfer. (This time not to the hacked Netspend account). What an awful thing to do to a family during a time when people need to pull together to help one another along.

Thankfully, Cindy made a point to add cheer, and has a pay it forward spirit to much appreciate.

Once upon a time, the headline news read Nixon Quit. Cindy reminded me of a worldwide message in Wealthy Affiliate to never give up, pay it forward. She demonstrates excellence in service and I hope to be her Liberty Tax client for life. I recall reading Nixon Quit, but giving up is no option.

Families need to eat, and it is a great freedom to actually be able to get work done from home. Cindy and I openly discussed Couch Consulting, and some workers are suffering with unemployment or became deathly ill from the outbreaks. I hope the information here is helpful and unoffensive – 5 stars to Cindy and hope is to get her some Google juice with a quick review.

I hope people will like, comment, question, share.

Thank you to family, friends, Affiliate members, programs and mentors.

Followers, everyone following, return clients, Coaches and Uncle Sam

Every one Thank You & Kind Regards

With Liberty, We Prevail

Ps you can email info@nursebeccaconsulting.com

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14 thoughts on “With Liberty, We Prevail”

  1. Thank you very much for the information you’ve provided here. Many small businesses suffer due to covid19 pandemic. My business isn’t safe too, since it’s not a crucial for people (like foods, drinks, and medical needs). Thank you for giving tips to some resources. I’ll check with them. Hopefully, this financial crisis can be ended soon.

  2. I think it is so important that when people run their business that they understand how much can be claimed back. I am not clear on the rules where you are but I know that some people have a “whatever” approach when they first start out in business and they are literally throwing money away and furthermore it is money they are entitled to.

    I love the people focus you have in the business as well. Accounting can sometimes feel like a distant profession but in my experience clients at least want to have a chat. This is especially true for solo professionals and their world can be very lonely.

    Thanks for the review and sharing.

    • The whatever approach could be costly. I enjoyed reading your comment and am glad you came over to read about my fantastic experience. Cindy was both professional and kind. My daughter recently graduated from highschool during the restrictions, the Deaf culture of graduation wearing masks. We waved instead of clapped but the moral of the presentation is to be kind and figure it out.
      That can help overcome and be proactive with the pandemic disasters.
      I hope people will benefit from this campaign.
      Kind Regards,
      Nurse Becca

  3. Yes nursebecca…since the first case of CoviD19 pandemic started from Wuhan China and spreads fast like wildfire…WHO and health authorities of every countries all over the globe adopt preventive strategies and policies(locale lockdowns) that will stopped the viral spread and everybody knows that the disease and its spread was abated and controlled temporarily in  few countries but in some other countries the preventive strategies failed and the downside effect was economic shut down and unemployment. Now other countries that successfully controlled the novel coronavirus illness still suffer few manageable CoviD19 cases and many wealthy and powerful countries was humbled unconditionally by the pandemic. I myself as a frontliner and see patients everyday in my clinic and in the hospital since the pandemic started last december also suffered the pandemics wrath…since I cant deny patients coming in the hospital and in the clinic for consult, Everytime I prepared myself to face them…its like going to war everyday, I am mentally, psychologically  and emotionally exhausted but still strong to fight against CoviD19, and what I have to say to all the frontliners all over the world that what they did to their respective place and country is a great HEROIC deed…especially to the fallen colleagues and fellow frontliners. What we invested here is our OWN life for the life of another fellow in dire need…our  ROI’s is not financial returns… We have some repurposed medicines that are still in  investigational used for the novel coronavirus but it is still not a definite treatment. The vaccines are developing now in a lightning speed fast tracking good quality steps and boosting high volume quantity production instead. Even if the vaccine is available in the near future… some authorities are skeptical with regards to its safety and effectivity if use to humans.In reality, everybody cant avail the vaccines especially the poor nations since vaccine productions is limited. I hope that humanity is resilient enough to survive against the pandemic…but I there is  sunshine after rain nursebecca. Thanks for sharing. Stay healthy…keep safe and look cool always!

    • I am both glad and humbled for your input on this discussion. The tragedy is those who miss out on ways to overcome the challenges and stay in business. I have been researching the immunizations as well as immunoglobulins and other treatments for years since the first outbreak that ended the lives of hundreds of health care providers. Thank you for the thoughtful time you spent in support of this work.
      Nurse Becca

  4. Hello Rebecca,  and thank you for your post.  It is a good reminder for people to check their local tax laws and see what sort of small business expenses they are entitled to for tax purposes.  After all we are in business for ourselves.  I am glad that you have such an inspiring tax professional in your corner.  There are many of us who are new to the online business model, but we all ended up here for similar reasons.  A global pandemic turned the world on it’s ear.  Fortunately a lot of us found this amazing opportunity with an amazing community, Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. I liked your article regarding tax which is super important at this moment in time with almost every part of the world still suffering in some form or other due to this Pandemic. Many businesses will struggle so any where that they can save tax or get help is definitely a worthwhile investment. As you mentioned there is so many resources out there that can help and people need to be armed with all the right questions. Thank fuly this article you have written will point them in the right direction. 

    Thank you 

    • I hope this research helps provide some relief. You are very welcome, I think your comment is uplifting. Please let me know if you think of any questions.
      Best Regards,
      Nurse Becca

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I have been living in the U.S. for almost 5 years now. I am still learning how taxes work here. So far my husband and I file our taxes jointly and we don’t have a small business yet. 

    That said, I do teach online and I just started a website, so I definitely need to learn about filing my tax as an independent contractor. My husband also gives an idea of starting an LLC which I should research as well. 

    Thank you for your post. I’ll read again what I need to learn about taxes both federal and state from the IRS website. I also think I need to find a professional account that can help me with filing my taxes individually.



    • Thank you for reading and the kind response. What made me want to give a recommendation for Cindy: she went over every part 3x to ensure it’s complete. The investment of time well worth learning and sharing with hopes the community can get great 5star service and 5 figure refund if entitled to it. I appreciate your interest in my work.
      Nurse Becca

  7. Hello nurse Becca. It’s good to be able to understand what the small taxes are especially for those that run Small businesses and also to understand the laws that goes with them. Truly this I a very hard time and a whole lot of businesses are affected especially my wives small business. We hope that everything is behind us sson

    • Dear Payton,

      My heart goes out to you and your wife in business and overall wellness. We know the problems can be complex, with the requirements restricting many from earnings. The problem relates to wellbeing in turn on emotional and physical levels as well as spiritual. Any help I can share to get one person going in a better direction is worth an effort.


      Nurse Becca


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