A Review of Kati Kleber, Fresh RN course for Neuro related continuing education for nurses. Learn why neuro is intimidating for nurses, because the signs are subtle. You can master the techniques in this training and improve your skill set as a nurse, or just for fascination of the science of neurology.

Neuro Nurse Crash Course is definitely worth the investment of time and money to obtain continuing education in the area of neurology.

Approaching the issues for these patients is critical in many aspect of care, as neurological needs exist in every individual. If you are a nurse who is new to the neuro unit, this has sound advice on how to be a great asset for your team. I would highly recommend this course as a baseline need for getting oriented with a neuro unit.

I particularly enjoyed Kati’s examples and highlights, with the overall big picture of reporting changes in an organized fashion. This will prevent needs from being overlooked for this vulnerable patient population.

Nerve system is interconnected with many disorders, as outlined in a Nurse Becca Blog about Neuromuscular Anomalies.

The virtual support and accessibility is key for busy nurses, and this is one of the components which encouraged me to write this review. The tech gurus and blogging godmothers, Kati and Brittney have worked closely together for many projects. It is great to see the specialty of Kati shine through in this presentation, as well as the reassurance knowing you work with one of the best business coaches the Nerdy Nurse herself, Brittney Wilson, who is the creator of the nerdynurse.com.

The videos in this continuing education for nurses are accessible, and my closed captioning could be a great tool for anyone with hearing loss.

The tone of this video is a great support to nurses and community by a well-known and trusted resource. Fresh RN is a great brand Kati built a business for helping people in the virtual community to benefit from technology in life.

This course would be a great asset to attorneys as well. If the customer wants to buy the class, but does not need continuing education credit, then it is only 37$ to enroll. 12$ actually covers the cost of the credit for ongoing learning nurses need to maintain their licensure.

Great perks of this class are:

  • Offered online
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • A neuro note template by a nursing expert, Kati!

Neuro Nurse Crash Course Review


Whether to receive CEU credit



  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Content is organized and easy to navigate
  • Equal Accessibility Options
  • Receptive to feedback
  • Receive CEU credit


  • Minor spelling or grammatical errors
  • Lacking Discussion from students

Rebecca Nixon