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  • Wealthy Affiliate Review
    Wealthy Affiliate Review
  • My Vitamin C Serum for Lucie
    For Lucie, I am still looking for the price, but got it from Melaleuca. It smells nice and natural ingredients. Sincerely, Nurse Becca
  • Infusion Reflections for Yuma City Bloggers
    Nurse Becca Blog of Infusion Reflections, Inspired by Yuma City Bloggers-Andy Anderson The list of potential infusion complications is the root of requiring ongoing education for registered nurses in clinical care. This discussion does not cover all possible problems related to infusions. Hyperimmune therapy and convalescent plasma are having successful advances. Progress is being made! …

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  • Treat Complications of IV Therapy with Attitude and Urgency
    Andy, Owner of Yuma City Bloggers, provided a patient experience for case study discussions of Complications of IV Therapy.
  • How do Legal Nurses Help With Auto Accidents?
    Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Member Seal and celebration for legal nurse consultant week. affiliate promotion for Auto Injury ; Open Discussion for Legal Nurse Consultant’s role in motor-vehicle accidents
  • Webull App Review
    Webull App Review