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200 Approved Comments on Nurse Becca Blog!

Wow! 200 Approved Comments🤸‍♂️💪💟 It is a great and fantastic thing to celebrate milestone. This site has 200 approved comments, and you deserve a tremendous thank you! *This post contains Affiliate links that will not increase the cost of any product or service. Affiliate Marketing commissions are earned by Nurse Becca Consulting with only products

Littman Stethoscope 10 Years in Review

Littman Stethoscope Review may contain Affiliate links, and will not increase the cost of any product or service. Nurse Becca Consulting earns a small commission if purchased on this website via links. Littman stethoscope My first Stethoscope is finally eroded almost into dust. Prior to this, the brand, design and quality of sound was precise.

Today? Yes! This is the Day

Tuesday Today is the day! Yes, I rejoice about this Tuesday and am very glad in it. Today I am glad to say to you: Happy National Nurse Week! Day # 2 kicks off A celebration that is dedicated to psych oversight clinicians. While this is a sub-niche of nursing, it also encompasses every ancillary

Happy National Nurse Week!

National Nurse Week This week Nurse Becca Consulting is wishing everyone a Happy National Nurse Week with daily devotion. Each day is a different chosen specialty to recognize and celebrate the diversity within the nursing profession. Today is Monday, May 6th 2019, and to start the week celebration, we recognize Specialty Infusion Nurses. This is

Benefits and Features of Health Media Academy, Nurse Becca’s Membership Review

The NerdyNurse is Brittney Wilson’s Brand, and she also serves the digital community with offering expert training on how to start a nurse blog. I enrolled in the Health Media Academy in order to learn more about how to market Nurse Becca Consulting and assist Pat with her retirement from Nursing. The goal was to

Health Safety Resources

Health Safety Resources within your community can help in times of disaster or just for overall wellness. This blog is not intended as emergency advice, and if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. The thread is open for promotion of health safety resources and experience with them. American Red Cross American Legion Public