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Health Safety Resources

Health Safety Resources within your community can help in times of disaster or just for overall wellness. This blog is not intended as emergency advice, and if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. The thread is open for promotion of health safety resources and experience with them. American Red Cross American Legion Public

When This Nurse is Not #Playing Cards

From Senator Maurine Walsh Nurses probably spend a considerable amount of time playing cards… In response to Senator Walsh: With a name like Nixon… I try to stay away from politics! When I am not playing with cards, I am busy with delegations, preparing and delivering in-services, specialty infusions for people with rare conditions, medical-legal

Rodan + Fields Fights Acne

As a new customer to Rodan and Fields, I highly recommend this consultant, Cherie. Aside from acne, these treatments encompass many aspects of skin care. And Cherie can explain benefits from a nursing prospective because she is a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist). The recommendations by R&D doctors are wise and healthy. It is a great idea

Attention Nursing Students and Novice Nurses: Getting Started with Your Nursing Niche

Nursing Students and Novice Nurses, Let’s Get Started! Getting started can be intimidating for nursing students and novice nurses. When you need a solid side hustle, this article will help guide you. As a nurse of 10 years, and after 10 years in pharmacy, this is the best advice and recommendations for sucess in nursing.

JD Dolnick End of March Party

JD Dolnick End of March Party, Spring Fever Review To Complete the Month of March with the grand finale of Spring Break, it is a pleasure to introduce one more Great Woman Who Creates. Nurse Becca Blog chose 5 Great Women Who Create to join in the Celebration during Spring Break. JD Dolnick is a

Innovative Iyer Insights

Pat Iyer’s innovation as a legendary leader is why I have chosen her to review for Celebration of Women Creators. Iyer is well known for popular podcasts “Iyer’s Insights,” part of Legal Nurse Podcast, and branded as a true mentor for nurses. She has written many amazing books, ebooks, articles, ghost writings and is an

Biz School For Nurses

In Celebration of Women Who Create, Nurse Becca Consulting is proud to present a review of Erica Leach’s Biz School for Nurses and Mastermind Group. Biz School For Nurses The class for Biz School for Nurses was online, then the Mastermind Group was in person. The flight above Chicago’s clouds all the way to Florida